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StraightTalk Review

How it Works:

1.  Pick Your Straight Talk Cell phone

2.  Choose to keep your existing phone number or receive a new number

3.   Add your plan online.  You can refill your plan every 30 days or as often as you like

StraightTalk Reserve

When you purchase a Service plan you have the option to add it now, or place it in the Straight Talk Reserve Service Plans are automatically added on your Service End Date

Log in to Your Account

You can either add Service Plans to the Straight Talk Reserve or view Service Plans already reserved.

Manage Your Reserved Service Plans:

All You Need Customers – If you notice you need to add a reserved Service Plan sooner, log in online and add it the day you need it.
UNLIMITED Customers – Your reserved Service Plans will be added on your Service End Date.

At Your Service

Be sure to visit My Account to make sure you have reserved Service Plans available. You can add as many as you like, whenever you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is so special about Straight Talk?
A.  Straight Talk is a pay-as-you go prepaid wireless phone service that requires no long term contracts, no credit checks, no activation fees, no monthly bills and no age limits!

Q.  What type of Service Cards and Plans does Straight Talk offer?
A.  Straight Talk offers a variety of plans depending on your needs. We offer two 30-day Service Plans: the $30 All You Need Plan with 1000 Minutes, 1000 Messages plus 30MB of data, and the $45 Unlimited Plan with Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Messages & Unlimited Mobile Web Access. We also offer 3 additional Unlimited Plans which offer unlimited talk, text, and/or multimedia messages and Mobile Web Access during 90, 180 days and 1 year of Service.

Q.  How often do I need to add a Straight Talk Service Plan?
A.  You need to refill your Service Plan every 30 days in order to keep your Straight Talk phone active. You can also enroll in Auto-Refill, which will automatically refill your Service Plan when you reach your Service End Date.

Q.  What can I do with Straight Talk Account?
A.  “My Account” is a feature designed to enable you to update your personal profile, your credit card billing information, refill by buying or adding a Service Plan and to access cards in your Straight Talk RESERVE?, plus much more.

Cheap Straight Talk phones are available directly from the company’s website. If you want to search for a Straight Talk phone, go to their website and enter your zip code. Click the “Yes” button if you will be using the phone yourself in this area. You will need to enter the zip code for the area that the phone will be used if you are purchasing it as a gift. A list of available phones are displayed on the next screen that you can view. Clcik Here to Learn More

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